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I founded Pachtman Law Office in 1983 with one ideal: to affect people's lives for the better. 

Before becoming an attorney I was a welfare worker. Most of my clients wanted to be productive members of society, and as a caseworker I tried to help them succeed at their goals. 

But the Welfare system was unresponsive both to my suggestions and to my clients’ needs.  

I found however, that the people who really changed people’s lives for the better were the lawyers who represented my welfare clients in court. Not only did they help my clients, but they were sometimes able to alter government policies that were doing more harm than good. 

One lawyer could take on a large, impersonal, and unbending institution, and through guts and intelligence, change that institution so that it responded to the people it was intended to help.  


Committed to making a difference, I entered law school in 1978.

I hate to admit it, but the practice of law is a perfect fit with my personality. I love the creativity, the variety, and the drama and, yes, the conflict that comes with the profession. I also love being able to help people solve the tough problems that often seem overwhelming to them.  

I was one of the first attorneys to advertise and to make legal information available to anyone who needed it over the phone WITHOUT CHARGE. Most people don’t need an attorney to solve their problem and I tell them that. Since the day I started practicing I’ve personally spoken to thousands of people.  

In 1989, I started a program in my community intended to raise peoples’ awareness about mixing alcohol and driving. I’ve also done seminars and radio shows to help people understand what they do about their legal problems. 

I am a member of the Pennsylvania Bar, the Pennsylvania Association of Justice (formerly the PA Trial Lawyers Association), and the Delaware County Bar Associations, and attend numerous conferences and seminars along with our staff every year to be sure we are always equipped with the most up-to-date information and strategies to help our clients get the results they deserve. 

In the end, whether I'm handling a case against the United States Government or a giant insurance company, it's one lawyer standing by my client, doing everything I can to make sure they’re properly represented.  


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